In the industrial world, lifting equipment plays a crucial role in daily operations. PT All Lifting Indonesia, as a leader in this field, not only offers high-quality lifting gear products, but also inspection, certification, testing, and fabrication services.

Why Choose PT All Lifting Indonesia?

PT All Lifting Indonesia has nearly 40 years of experience in this industry. We have a trained and experienced team to design, manufacture, and serve every lifting gear request according to your needs.

Lifting Gear Products

The lifting gear products offered by PT All Lifting Indonesia include various types of lifting tools, including wire rope sling, webbing sling belt, eyebolts, load chain, shackles, etc. All these products are designed with the highest quality standards to ensure safety and operational efficiency.

Inspection, Certification, Testing, Fabrication, and Lifting Gear Rental Services

In addition to selling products, PT All Lifting Indonesia also offers lifting gear inspection services, certification, testing, fabrication, and serves lifting tool rentals such as load cell rental, wire rope spooling machine, water bag, etc. These services are crucial to ensure that all lifting equipment operates properly and complies with strict safety standards.

Inspections are carried out by a professional team, both at your place (on-site) and at our place (in-house). All tested equipment is equipped with a test certificate in accordance with Australian Standards, or as per the standard you request, carried out by our highly trained staff.

PT All Lifting Indonesia is the best choice for all your lifting gear needs. With a variety of high-quality products and inspection, certification, testing, and fabrication services, we can ensure that your industrial operations run smoothly and safely. Contact PT All Lifting Indonesia to find out more about how we can assist you.

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