Lifting Equipment Repairs is a service that involves the inspection, servicing, and repair of various types of lifting equipment. This can cover a range of things, from simple ropes and shackles to more complex hoists and crane systems.

PT ALL LIFTING INDONESIA offers lifting equipment repair services. Our highly trained staff inspect and identify any repairs that need to be done, fix them if necessary, and then carry out a proof load test.

We repair, service, and renovate various lifting equipment including chain slings, plate clamps, lever hoists, lifting magnets, magnetic particle testing, lever & chain blocks, fabricated items, fall arrest blocks, crane hook blocks and re-pressing of wire rope etc.


  • Experience
    Nearly 40 years of experience in this industry.
  • Specialization
    Specialist in Engineering & Fabrication of Lifting & Rigging Equipment.
  • Quality
    Only provides high-quality lifting and rigging equipment from leading brands in the industry or products they manufacture themselves.
  • Inspection
    Lifting & Rigging equipment is always checked, calibrated, and maintained by them, before delivery so it’s ready for your immediate use.

Maintenance and upkeep of lifting equipment is crucial to ensure industrial operations run smoothly and safely. This lifting gear repair service can help prevent equipment failures that could cause costly and potentially dangerous downtime.

Other Related Lifting Gear Services at PT ALL LIFTING INDONESIA

  • Engineering & Fabrication: This service is crucial for companies that require specially designed lifting and rigging equipment for their client’s needs.
  • Custom Design: We can design, manufacture, and serve any lifting equipment request according to your needs.

To speak with our friendly and expert staff, about preventative maintenance, which could save you time and money, contact us at:

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