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We are a leading provider of water bag rental services for load tests. We offer efficient, effective, and economical load test solutions for various lifting equipment such as winches, cranes, and davits.

What is a Load Test Water Bag

Load Test Water Bags

A water bag for load testing is a specially designed tool for performing load tests on lifting equipment such as winches, davits, cranes, and the like. Here is some information about water bags for load tests.

These water bags are widely used in crane overload tests worldwide. Water bags for load tests are made from very strong PVC, the highest quality fabric material in tensile strength available in this sector.

Many of our clients rent water bags to take advantage of major benefits such as being lightweight, easy to handle, having high mechanical resistance, and having a very small footprint when empty.

Water bags for load tests include flexible bags made from rubber-coated fabric and webbing nets. Water bags are typically used for load tests on lifting equipment and other structures that require load testing.

Purpose of Renting a Water Bag for Load Testing

The use of a water bag for load testing has the main purpose of ensuring that lifting equipment such as winches, cranes, and davits can handle the specified load safely and efficiently. Here are some specific purposes:

  • Testing Equipment Capacity: Water bags are used to test whether lifting equipment can handle the maximum load specified by the manufacturer.
  • Replacing Concrete Loads: Water bags provide a lighter and easier-to-arrange alternative compared to concrete blocks that are typically used as loads.
  • Increasing Safety: By conducting load tests, we can ensure that lifting equipment operates safely and in accordance with industry standards.
  • Efficiency: Compared to other load test methods, water bags are usually more efficient and easier to ship and store.

Overall, the purpose of using a water bag for load testing is to ensure that lifting equipment can handle the specified load safely and efficiently, thereby increasing operational safety and efficiency.

Reasons to Choose Water Bag Rental for Load Testing

Load Test Water Bags Hire

A water bag is a specially designed tool for performing load tests on lifting equipment. Here are some reasons why you should choose a water bag for load testing:

  1. Lightweight and Portable: Water bags are very light and easy to carry when empty, making them ideal for use in hard-to-reach locations or where other heavy equipment is impractical or impossible to use.
  2. Adjustable Capacity: Water bags can be filled with the exact amount of water to achieve the desired load, allowing for very specific load tests.
  3. Efficient Mobilization: Compared to traditional solid loads, water bags are easier to ship and store with low transportation costs.
  4. Safety: If a failure occurs during testing, the water from the water bag will immediately spill out and dampen the falling load, potentially reducing damage or injury.
  5. Easy to Use: Water bags are generally easy to set up and use, often requiring less time and resources compared to other load testing methods.
  6. Good Documentation: Many water bags are equipped with a monitoring system that can provide real-time data about the load, allowing for accurate documentation of the load test, in conducting static and dynamic tests.

Water Bag Rental Service of PT ALL LIFTING INDONESIA

Our base is in Batam, but we accept water bag rentals for out of town, or even abroad as requested. We offer various types of water bags with tonnage capacities as requested.

Our services include:

  • Water Bag Rental: We rent various types and sizes of load test water bags to meet your load testing needs.
  • Consultation and Load Test Execution: Our expert team is ready to help you plan and execute your load test safely and efficiently.
  • Delivery: Delivery of Water Bag to the load test location.

It should be noted that when renting a water bag for a load test, you are not only renting the water bag, but it must be accompanied by professional and experienced experts. Renting from us is the right choice, as we have experience handling load tests using water bags in large companies that we cannot mention one by one.

Our highest achievement is conducting a load test using a water bag up to a load of 440 tons. The load test process went smoothly, our clients were satisfied and we were proud to be chosen as the provider of the water bag and also the executor of the load test process.

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