Spreader Beam – Is it a Lifting Beam?


Spreader Beams are commonly known as Lifting Beams and it can get confusing with so many similar names and references.

Lifting beams or Lifting Bars have a lifting lug on top of the beam in the middle. That lifting lug connects the beam to a crane hook. A normal lifting beam will also have a bottom lug at each end, to connect to slings or hooks directly to a load.

A Spreader Beam uses a 2 leg sling at the top. These spreader beams have top lug holes located on the centerline or oriented to align with a particular sling angle to ensure pure compression. A spreader beam provides more stability compared to a lifting beam due to the 2 leg being able to balance the load. They also provide a potentially higher capacity for each set section of steel. A spreader beam needs more headroom than a lifting beam due to the 2 leg sling arrangement at the top.

Spreader beam are one of the safest ways to perform a lift. Spreader beams evenly distribute the weight of a load between the two end lifting points. The two or more lifting lugs on a spreader beam allow for a direct upward lift, and prevents the load being damaged. Spreader beams are ideal for lifting wide or heavy duty loads such as concrete slabs, concrete pipes, concrete kibblesskip bins, man cages, material cages and more!

All Lifting sells and manufactures lifting bars, lifting beams, spreader bars and spreader beam in a variety of options. We can also custom make any beam or bar specific to your needs.

For substantially heavy and large loads, All Lifting can manufacture a Modular Spreader Beam. The modular Spreader Beam is engineered and made in Australian. It is powder coated in safety yellow. All our manufactured spreader beams are issued with certificates of conformance to AS4991 and proof load test certificates.