There are two main ways that are usually used to do non-destructive inspection on wire rope, which are Visual Inspection Technique and Electro Magnetic (EMAG) Inspection Technique. The most common way is visual inspection.

In the visual inspection process, the Wire Rope Inspector will take a piece of cloth and rub it along the wire while paying attention to the condition of the rope. The broken outer part of the wire rope will look sticking out. When a Wire Rope Inspector finds that small bump, they will stop to observe the condition of that part of the wire carefully.

Wire rope damage can be caused by normal use, misuse, or extraordinary events. Excessive wear, broken wires, distortion and rust are common external damage that are found, while internal damage is invisible.

For the second way, with the EMAG Inspection Technique, we offer inspection of the inside part of the wire rope along the whole length, to know the condition of the wire. And then we assess whether the wire rope is still fit and safe to use next.

The wire rope inspection technique with EMAG uses the principle of magnetism. The magnet head magnetically fills the part of the wire rope that is tested. When the wire passes through the magnet head, EMAG checks the wire rope.

Changes in the cross-sectional area of the wire and inconsistencies, such as broken wires or strands, rust holes, etc., change the leakage of the magnetic field flux. These changes are detected by sensitive magnetic sensors, which are placed near the rope in the middle between the pole pieces of the magnet head. The signal from the sensor gives input to the base unit where the signal is processed and displayed.

EMAG Wire Rope Inspection

Wire Rope Tester with EMAG technology (MRT/Magnetic Rope Tester) is a device that is used to check the safety bearing capacity of wire rope. Based on international standards (ISO3154), this device quantitatively assesses the effective loss of the actual metal cross-sectional area caused by internal and external damage such as wire rope breakage, abrasion, fatigue, and other damage.

The results of this test provide a scientific basis for users to use it safely and replace it reasonably according to standards and specifications. This EMAG technology is a high-level guarantee in preventing accidents due to wire rope breakage, as well as helping to reduce wire rope replacement costs and increase its operational efficiency scientifically.

Wire Rope Tester with EMAG is the latest generation inspection technology that is used to identify the internal condition of wire rope. Here are some important points related to this technology:

  1. Inspection Principle: This technology measures the Loss of Metallic Area (LMA) caused by external and internal corrosion, wear, wire breakage, wire core breakage, and deformation on steel rope. By measuring the percentage of effective cross-sectional area that is lost, this technology allows an accurate assessment of the remaining load capacity and service life of the steel rope that is being used.
  2. Advantages:
    • Controlled Monitoring: The operation of steel rope is always in a fully controlled monitoring condition. Operasi tali baja selalu berada dalam kondisi pemantauan yang sepenuhnya terkontrol.
    • Production and Inspection Integration: Inspection is done during production, combining two production and inspection processes into one, thus increasing the use of equipment.
    • Energy Saving: Reducing the energy consumption of equipment used for steel rope detection, saving energy significantly.
    • Service Life Extension: Scientifically extending the service life of steel rope and reducing replacement costs.

Application: This technology is used in various sectors, including manufacturing, marine, and construction industries.

All Non Destructive Examination (NDE) inspections on wire rope are complementary and do not replace visual inspection by competent steel rope inspectors.

With EMAG technology, we can ensure the reliability and safety of wire rope use more efficiently and effectively.


EMAG Rental at PT ALL LIFTINGDo you need wire rope inspection service that is accurate, fast, and safe? Do you want to know the inside condition of your wire rope without damaging it? Do you want to make sure that your wire rope is still fit and safe to use?

If your answer is yes, then you need wire rope inspection service with EMAG inspection technique from PT ALL LIFTING INDONESIA.

EMAG inspection technique is a non-destructive inspection technique that uses the principle of magnetism to detect internal damage of wire rope. This technique can reveal changes in the cross-sectional area of wire rope and discontinuities, such as broken cables or strands, rust holes, etc., that are not visible to the naked eye.

Wire rope inspection service with EMAG inspection technique from PT ALL LIFTING INDONESIA offers various advantages, such as:

  • Accurate: EMAG inspection technique can measure the cross-sectional area of wire rope with high precision and produce reliable data.
  • Fast: EMAG inspection technique can perform full-length wire rope inspection in a short time and without requiring special preparation.
  • Safe: EMAG inspection technique does not damage wire rope and does not interfere with normal operation. This technique also does not emit radiation or other hazardous materials.
  • Economical: EMAG inspection technique can save maintenance and repair costs of wire rope by identifying damage early and preventing fatal accidents.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get wire rope rental or inspection service with EMAG inspection technique from PT ALL LIFTING INDONESIA. We are ready to serve you with professionalism and best quality.

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